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The Casino :

Casino Casino

Wander through the realistic 3D interactive casino with an interactive Bar, Gift Shop, Wedding Chapel, Video Arcade and even Guido's Easy Loans! Interact with the various 3D characters who work at the casino.


Giftshop Screensaver

Spend your winnings in the Gift Shop to buy actual casino wallpapers and screensavers for your computer. You can even buy lucky charms that can effect the odds in the various games.

Wedding Chapel:

Chapel Chapel

What's Vegas without the Weekend Wedding Chapel and an Elvis Look-alike minister! Just be sure to choose your mate wisely or they might lose (or win) all your wedding gifts on a long shot.

Interactive Bar:

Bar Bar

Brad the bartender will make you any drink that you want. Note that alcoholic drinks may impair your gambling decision making skills. Choose from our massive database of 2,600 drinks! Be sure to come back for the free refills.

ACM Machine:


And when you win all that money be sure to deposit it in your offshore accounts via our ACM machine. You can even print your winnings as Vegas Jackpot Gold - Elvis look-alike money.

Guido's Easy Loans:

Guido Big Prizes

Running low on cash? Visit Guido's Easy Loans and get the cash you need. You can even pawn your shoes, watch or car that you just won on the slot machines.

Video Arcade :

Arcade Arcade Games

Or take a break and play one of the ten classic arcade games in the Video Arcade.

Free Sound Effects - click here for Free Sounds

5,000 Sounds that you can download for free!

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