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Casino Games:

Craps Blackjack

Baccarat, VJG Baccarat, Mini-baccarat, VJG Bingo, Bingo, VJG Video Blackjack, Video Blackjack, Table Blackjack, Craps, Craps Big 6/8, VJG Craps, 1 to 15 Spot Keno, 1 to 6 Spot Keno, Top & Bottom Keno, Keno Room Display, Roulette, VJG Roulette, Money Wheel, and VJG Money Wheel.

Poker Games:

Poker Poker

Deuces Wild Video, Jacks or Better Video, Double Joker Video, Unlimited Redraw Video, Aces & Faces Video, Bonus Video, 10s or Better Video, 5 card stud, 7 card stud, Texas Hold'Em, 5 card draw, Backroom, Omaha, and VJG Poker.


Lottery Instant Lottery

Ultra Lotto, Bonus Ball, Pick 3, Pick 4, VJG Lotto, Baseball Bucks Instant, Book Bonus Instant, Bowl to Win Instant, Capital Match Instant, Gold Nugget Instant, Hole in One Instant, Math Money Instant, Musical Money Instant, Pet Prizes Instant, Tropical Triples Instant, VJG Instant, and Wall Street Winnings Instant.

200 unique Slot Machines:

Slots Slots

Ace in the Hole, Alabama Gold, Alaska Gold, Arizona Gold, Arkansas Gold, Atlantic City Jackpot Gold, Bandit's Bluff, Bandit's Bounty, Bank of Atlantic City, Bank of Las Vegas, Bank of Monte Carlo, Bank of Reno, Bar Blitz, Barbeque Stakes, Beach Getaway, Beat the House, Birthstone Bonanza, Black Magic, Bottom's Up!, Boxcar Best, California Gold, Casino Quarters, Caesar's Conquest, Cheers!, Chips and Beer, Christmas Crazy, City Slickers, Classic Slots, Colorado Gold, Connecticut Gold, Conquistador's Cache, Daily Double, Dazzling Dice, Dealer's Double, Delaware Gold, Desert Diamonds, Deuces Wild, Diamond Jubilee, Dinner's Tip, Double Dollars, Early Withdrawal, Easy Money, Easy Street, Edison's Extravaganza, Eureka!, Even Odds, Fast Track Payoff, First Class Special, Florida Gold, Fourth of July, Fruit Frenzy, Gambler's Gambit, Gambler's Getaway, Georgia Gold, Gold Bar Jackpot, Gold Exchange, Goldsmith, Golden Doubloon, Golden Nuggets, Grand Old Flag, Grand Payoff, Grande Getaway, Groovy Gold, Gunslinger's Bounty, Gypsy's Gold, Hawaii Gold, High Stakes, Hollywood Blitz, Hurricane, Idaho Gold, Illinois Gold, Indiana Gold, Iowa Gold, IRS - IOU, Island Paradise, Island Treasure, Jacks or Better, Jamaican Jackpot, Joker's Wild, Jumbo Jackpot, Kansas Gold, Kentucky Gold, King Tut's Treasure, Las Vegas Luck, Lemons & Cherries, Let It Ride, Lottery Legends, Louisiana Gold, Luck of the Irish, Lucky Hearts, Lucky Charm, Lucky Sevens, Magic Stars, Maine Gold, Marble Money, Maryland Gold, Massachusetts Gold, Mermaid's Garden, Mermaid's Treasure, Michigan Gold, Millionaire's Club, Minnesota Gold, Mississippi Gold, Missouri Gold, Mobster's Millions, Montana Gold, Monte Carlo Jackpot Gold, Moonshine Money, Musical Millions, Nebraska Gold, Nevada Gold, Nevada Jackpot, Nevada Neon, Nevada Nightmare, Nevada Silver, New Hampshire Gold, New Jersey Gold, New Mexico Gold, New Year's Eve, New York Gold, North Carolina Gold, North Dakota Gold, Ohio Gold, Oklahoma Gold, Old West Adventure, Oregon Gold, Party Time, Pennsylvania Gold, Planetary Payoff, Play It Again Sam, Pony Payoff, Purple Dragon, Rags to Riches, Red, White, & Blue, Reno Jackpot Gold, Rhode Island Gold, Ringing Riches, Riverboat Jackpot Gold, Riverboat Riches, Roll it again!, Royal Flush Riches, Royal Jewels, Run for the Border, Silicon Chips, Silver Saloon, Silver Star, Small Change, Snake Eyes, South Carolina Gold, South Dakota Gold, Spending Cash, Spin 'til You Win!, Sports Special, Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day, Starlight Special, Super Gold, Super Sevens, Super Stakes, Sure Bet, Sweet Tooth Treasures, Tarot Treasure, Tennessee Gold, Texas Black Gold, Texas Star, The Big Deal, The Cat's Meow, The Crown Jewels, The Mother Lode, The Tulsa Trader, Thunderbolt, Tornado, Treasure Seeker's Cache, Triple Bar Bonanza, Triple Crown, Triple Gold, Tsunami Stakes, Twenty-One Blitz, Up All Night, Utah Gold, Valentine's Day, Vegas Buffet, Vegas Jackpot Gold, Vegas Nights, Vegas Pair-o-dice, Vegas Strip Special, Vermont Gold, Virginia Gold, Washington Gold, West Virginia Gold, White Lightning, Wild Bars, Windfall, Winner Takes All, Winning Time!, Wisconsin Gold, Worldwide Wealth, Wyoming Gold, Yellowstone, Zany Cartoons..

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Ms. Shawn Robinson, Brooklyn, NY

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Keith Testa, Roanoke, VA

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Sandie Karlovich, Buena Park, CA

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David, Hermiston, OR

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C. Wade Navarre, Lafayette, LA

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Chris Poole, Douglasville, GA

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Souvannarath Phongsavanh, Holland, MI

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Tory, Commerce Twp., MI

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Dorothy E. Stuber, Apple Valley, CA

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William Atkins, Valdosta, GA

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Richard Wires, Bedford, VA

Larry E. Sherffius, Ft. Worth, TX

"I like it"
Linda, Sandy Hook, CT

"Soooo much fun, u need to make lots of games for Mac, that's why I bought it cause most companies don't make things for Macs."
Tiffany Mock, Muncie, IN

"Love the Graphics!"
Ed Thomas, San Jose, CA

Ann Parker, Washington DC

"Very decent game well worth the money. Thanks for everything."
Nathan, Alamogordo, NM

Dan Carr, Kotzebue, Alaska

David L. Humphryes II, Panama City Beach, FL

"We just love this game we also have the slots and casino one and cant stop playing either one of these please make more for the imac compatible. thank you"
Cherie Cygen, West Springfield, MA

"I love this game it is addicting"
Michael Orona, Springdale, AR

"Cool game!"
Patty, US

"I am so impressed. send me anything you got. i love the game."
Trevor Loew, Burlington, VT

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Nick Estrada, US

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Kaila Brooks, Running Springs, CA

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Pat Lobue, Des Plaines, IL

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Leayn, Racine, WA

Leroy Jones, Walton, KY

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Jeffrey Lee Jia Chang
Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul, Ehsan, MALAYSIA

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Teresa Fails, Detroit, MI

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